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Kitchen Creation In Doncaster

I offer a choice of services, I can both supply and fit your new kitchen for you or we can simply install a kitchen you have already purchased. Whichever option you choose we understand the basic necessity in any household the kitchen has, and always aim to have your kitchen completed from start to finish in no longer than one working week.

The kitchens we provide are designed and taylored by Howdens Joinery.

Top tips for planning your new kitchen

Make a list of what you like about your current kitchen design and what you’d like to change. Scour home magazines for ideas that you want to implement. Talk to family and friends if they’ve recently changed their kitchen. Prioritize what you’d like to change and decide what your budget will be.Make sure the different components of your new kitchen work well together. If you need to obtain financing, now is the time find out what you can obtain.

Study your current floor plan. Your goal should be to minimize the number of steps you take while preparing meals. For maximum efficiency, the work triangle between your sink, oven and refrigerator should be less than
26 feet. Keep in mind how traffic flows through your room. Minimize family traffic flow through your work triangle - that traffic flow will reduce your efficiency and invite kitchen collisions.


Kitchen cabinets typically account for half of the budget for a new kitchen. They come in an enormous variety of sizes, designs, and colors - your selection can instantly revitalize the room. Before buying your cabinets, consider the amount of storage you have in the kitchen. Do you need more storage? If so, you may want to consider deeper or taller cabinets to increase kitchen storage options. Decide if you want ready-to-assemble, stock, or custom-made cabinets. Prices can vary greatly.

Choosing Appliances.

Appliances are another big ticket item. Research appliance features, prices and consumer ratings. Neutral-colored appliances won’t look dated when color trends change, while stainless steel appliances reflect surrounding colors and quietly blend into the background. Most appliances come in standard sizes, so you should be able to find one to fit your space, but measure before you order. You don’t want to end up with a beautiful fridge that you can't quite fit under the new overhead cabinets you planned.


Worktops are another remodeling consideration and there are many options. Laminate worktops are by far the least expensive, while stone and granite worktops are the priciest. Don’t forget functionality. Too often worktops make us bend, stoop and work at counters that are too high or low. If someone in the family is unusually tall or short or has special needs, take that into consideration when you plan worktop height.

Your choice of flooring can dramatically affect the overall feel of your kitchen. Create space by using light colors if your kitchen is small. For a more intimate feel with a larger kitchen - employ darker woods or more colorful flooring choices. When you add new cabinets, it can impact your need for a new floor - new cabinets may not align with the edges of your old flooring.

Safety Tips.

Make safety a factor when planning your kitchen. Think things through before you start your project. Don’t place an oven next to a hallway where someone could easily stumble over a hot, open oven door. No entry, appliance, or cabinet doors should block each another when you open them. If you have an island in your kitchen - it shouldn’t hit an appliance or cabinet when you open a door. Remember good lighting can cut down on accidents. Illuminating specific task areas can increase family safety.




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